Manjeet and Rada preparing carrot chutney, Basunti.For two days, all the staff helped me with the preparation of nearly thirty kilos of carrot chutney, for the coming season. Just the peeling and chopping of all the ingredients took seven of us nearly four hours. Twenty kilos of carrots, six kilos of tomatoes, six kilos of onions, a kilo of garlic, a kilo of ginger and half a kilo of chillies. I think this year’s batch is the best ever, added some soya sauce to the mix which has given it a richer flavour.




Sundowner deck, BasuntiThe sundowner deck at Basunti is finally complete. Really pleased with the end result, a fantastic place to chill out in the late afternoon and watch the sun go down. Yesterday evening I had the great pleasure of watching a Peacock strutting his stuff, in front of four Peahens, on the meadow below the deck. Must say it was a fantastic display, even though his harem seemed totally unimpressed.

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