By Su Sareen.

This is our second time at Basunti and it was wonderful to be back… it’s a joy to be in such a special place.

Su Sareen, BasuntiBy popular request, we started a little earlier this year (7am after early morning tea for those who want it). It may sound a bit early but Basunit is so beautiful at sunrise in India and the slightly chilly morning air is a pleasure. It very quickly warms up so that everyone is “glowing” by the end of the yoga session at 9am. Next comes David’s legendary breakfast – this is a wonderful spread, including home-made breads, fresh juice and omelettes cooked to order – a real highlight.

The middle of the day is spent swimming (so hard to choose between the pool and the lake), reading; one day a group took a jeep down to the local town, Talwara, to wander round the market. And the local area is great to explore on foot too.

This year a few people went out canoeing and enjoyed seeing the lake from a different perspective. Sareen's yoga workshop, BasuntiAnd despite Dave’s attempt to frighten everyone the jungle trek didn’t come across bear, large cats or deadly snakes. There was fresh-caught fish from the lake though for our last evening meal. We all sat outside for a very jolly, extremely delicious meal, under a full moon. And then the power died. Ahhh, India!



We booked our next stay at Basunti before we left – delighted to claim our place as Basunit is getting more and more popular.

We shall be back September 23rd – 30th 2013.

Sareen workshop, Basunti 2012


This year, we made a short film of people talking about their time at Basunti.

And we hope to see you there next year!


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