View of The Himalaya from Basunti

A view of The Himalaya from Basunti

A Yoga rereat. A retreat on the roof top.

Everything comes so easy, being surrounded by all this beauty.

Nature, unspoilt villages merging harmoniously with the forests and lake that surrounds them.

Sun Salutations on the roof and the sun rises over the trees, over the tiny village roof tops. The little footpath leading down from the village, young children immaculately dressed, on their way to school – a 3 kilometre walk ahead of them – the girls with little red ribbons in their hair, the sound of their giggles is wafting up….

Downward Dog position, an upside down village, a vast lake spreading into the distance, tiny fisherman boats with men spreading the nets, all upside down.

What do the children make of our strange postures? Of our world? Strange people we are…

Pranayama and the early sun rays are warming our skins, a shiver, a tickle, a gentle wave moving up our spine. Is it awakening?

A couple of vultures flying overhead, catching the thermals, big creatures, huge wing span – an old couple, residing in the same nest, same tree, mating somewhat noisily .and the crows join in the party.

Guided relaxation, I open my eyes to the blue sky above and there is a flock of bar headed geese crossing above – I could almost touch them!

Calm, silent, we become tuned into the sounds of nature. So many birds – a multiple of species and songs, a cow groaning in the distance, monkeys.

Bougainvillea in full bloom, so are the water lilies, pink, red, yellow. The sacred lotus will probably flower next year. I can hardly wait!

Resting in Savasana, I find myself peaking around, the last rays of light are playing gently on the marble floor of the Yoga Shala. The lake is calm and the fishermen are spreading their nets again and this time it’s the right way up.

This was a week of complete bliss.

We are growing wings, we are flying gently.



Happy New Year!


(December 2019)


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