The monsoon seems to be coming to a close, as we have had no rain for the last five days and every morning starts with bright blue skies and stays hot and sunny. The pool at this time really comes into its own, nothing like an evening swim with a chilled glass of white, while you are watching the sun go down over the lake.
The road down to Basunti has now been cleared, although being India, it involved lots of negotiations with the village head man. As they have certain funds set aside for road clearance, I was told that if I fixed the road the village would contribute. How much this is going to be I have no idea, but at least it is nice to know that they considered helping.
Wild mushrooms after the rain (notice long stalks on left)Every morning I take a stroll around Basunti to check how all the plants are doing. Since the rains stopped I have been rewarded every day with a good handful of wild mushrooms, which make a wonderful addition to Breakfast. I have no idea what they are called, but they are really delicious, a bit like eating mushroom flavoured chicken. The trick is to gently tease them out of the ground and then you get a very long stalk, not easy to do at the moment as the ground is getting harder.
The butterflies really love the change in the weather and it has been a joy watching them flit around the flower beds. Most of them are large black ones with white spots, along with clouds of lemony yellow and white ones. Occasionally a really exotic one turns up, but they are so difficult to photograph as they never seem to stay still.

A Dark Blue TigerGreat Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina), femaleDragonfly - species?

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