Making the decision to come to Basunti as a working guest was one of my finest decisions – if I say so myself. Being taken away from the cold dark snowy nights, dreary rain and grey skies you can imagine it was a hard choice. So upon arriving in India and making the journey from the local airport, Amritsar to Basunti, involuntarily stopping on the way with our driver Vipin for Chai tea and Pakoras owing to a religious festival, we felt plump and ready to go!

Learning our place was a doddle with the Basunti mainstays David and Raju at the helm. Straight away they made us feel right at home, Rosie and I found our place with ease. We were taught the ropes and soon got into an otherworldly blissful routine, one which strays vastly from the London life we had become accustomed to over the past 6 years of city existence.  Hectic commutes, busy work loads and unnecessary post-work beers seem a far distant memory. One such place which hammers this rather pleasant nail on the head is the view from a small two person bench which looks out to a far stretching valley. Just to fill you in, Basunti is positioned on a 30ft high peninsular with far stretching views, Cacti line the entirety of the east rim of the property. Why Cactus I hear you ask? Well, it stops armies of hungry Monkeys, stray Cows, giant Ox, and ­­­­­­Sambar from arriving without a booking and proceeding to gobble all the lovingly grown Beetroot – or anything else for that matter, obviously. It also seems quite effective at stopping guests from unexpectedly exiting down a 30ft vertical drop, people should use the front door.

Anyway, back to the bench. Positioned directly behind the functional but soberingly beautiful wall of Cactus, it frames a view to die for.  Towering over the Cactus, your eye is taken in with a vast inviting lake, lush unfamiliar trees, meadows green enough to make Wales look arid, and a large dam at the end as if to exemplify the feeling of being in a secure lost haven. The array of abundant wildlife on offer is extraordinary.  I can testify to Bellas last blog – Bill Oddy would truly take flight at the thought of all the binocular porn on offer. It is from this very bench that I have sat for many hours and enjoyed all that nature has to offer, the odd thought, random dabblings into my book, and simply engrossed in just being.

However, it seems I am not alone in my favourite spot.  A somewhat oversized bumble bee stalks me with a vengeance, like wildlife paparazzi. As soon as I am comfortable, he boisterously appears from over the cliff with his buzzing turned onto maximum. As the days pass, his orbits around me have become increasingly tighter to test my staying power. I have come to the conclusion that he is not as happy to see me as I am to see him – perhaps he is reluctant to share the bench with me?



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