It’s this time again.

It’s time to reflect on the passing season and send our thanks to our teachers and yogis who took residence at Basunti during March and April 2019;

Stephanie Aulestia and Nathalie Luce had joined us for the first time – what a blessed group of yogis!; they braved the early March weather, which can be a bit unreliable and the cool waters of the pool and the lake. Later than usual snow falls on the Himalaya lower peaks, meant that when the snow eventually started to melt, rivers of cold icy waters were feeding the lake around Basunti.

Soon, however, it warmed up and extremely quickly too; bird-life picked up, monitor lizards started coming out of hibernation and the mongooses doing their little patrols around. Migratory birds passing through the gardens on their way from the south and on to the hills, where they spend the summer. Crimson and Purple Sunbirds, few species of doves, Golden Orioles, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Verditer Flycatchers and Scarlet Minivets to name but a few.

Duncan Hulin and Andrea Guest were resident together with their group of delightful yogis, some of whom came to Basunti up to 3 or 4 times previously! Familiar faces, new faces, 2 weeks of fun together with serious yoga and meditation, periods of complete silence, time to reflect. Duncan, who is the founder of The Devon School of Yoga, will be returning together with Andrea to lead their yearly retreat at Basunti in March-April 2020 (

Lara Dwyer had joined us again – twice in the last 6 months!. Lara is the owner of Sukha Yoga in Australia – her classes are infused with storytelling, poetry, chanting, music, intelligent sequencing, breath work and meditation. Many repeats, familiar faces and we were delighted to host them!

Summer is now upon us, with the intense dry heat and many a nights yearning for the rains to come. And when they do come, probably in mid July, it will be a deluge accompanied by a cacophony of frogs!

Our autumn yoga season will start in mid September with the arrival of  Tanja Mickwitz, who will be running her first (soulful Vinyasa) retreat at Basunti. We look forward to meeting you all.

Bridget Woods Kramer will follow with her much awaited yearly retreat – Bridget is one of our first resident teachers – with Anusara Yoga, Kirtans and meditation, to be followed by a 3 day Himalaya trek! (

Sandra Sabatini and Michal Havkin will be returning in October 2019 for their 8th  annual or by-yearly Scaravelli Inspired yoga retreat! Sandra & Michal have recently published a new book “The Whole Body Breathing” -(

Katie Warnes and friends will be resident in late October/early November – we very much look forward to meeting them all.

They will be  followed by the last but not least teacher for the autumn season – Monica Voss, all the way from Canada. Monica is teaching Scaravelli infused yoga at the well known Esther Meyers Yoga Studio in Toronto (; she teaches at Basunti every other year.

It has to be said:

We consider ourselves to be so very lucky to have such special yogis coming to stay, teachers and students alike, sharing the experience of Basunti with us. We look forward to those special moments, when sounds of chanting and Kirtan singing will be spreading all over the gardens, mixing with sounds of nature.  We enjoy the energies that you all bring with you, infusing our days with music and love.

Thank you.

Namaste to all our resident teachers and yogis.

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