Sandra & Michal will be returning to teach a yoga retreat at Basunti in October 2019.

For information about the retreat, please contact Michal Havkin by emailing her via


Here are, in the meantime, some comments from students and yoga friends who participated in previous retreats taught by Sandra and Michal at Basunti – as passed on to us by the teachers:


“I wanted to thank you right after the retreat, but I missed the timing – however, the essence remains in my body and soul and I can still feel the beauty and the sensation of the retreat.

It has been a while but I just wanted to say how wonderful the retreat was and thank you so much for your love and teaching. The retreat always mirrors my condition and it was not easy for me this time. But I learned a lot from what I went through. In terms of yoga, there is always a beautiful discovery waiting for me at the end and it was not an exception this time.

Thank you so much again for sharing such divine moments.
Thank you so much for your beautiful words.
I really enjoy the journey — no idea where it would take me to, but luckily I have brilliant teachers to whom I appreciate so much.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next workshop.”


“A heart felt thank you to you both for a wonderful and inspiring week of yoga at Basunti.

(…) the whole body feels well nourished.

It was lovely to see you both and again thank you very much for such a beautiful yoga retreat. Everything was perfect – location, people, meals, yoga practice. I enjoyed every moment during the week. 

I still remember the moment that my spine floated, opened – a beautiful and happy moment, and hope to recreate it in my daily practice.

Thank you so much to both of you and Sandra and Michal for a fabulous week of yoga and movement. You each offer something unique and special but also complement each other perfectly to work seamlessly together.

For me it was truly a transformational experience and I learn so much from you both.

Hope to see you as soon as possible again.”

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