I wrote this article whilst sitting on the balcony ( or Crow’s Nest) of my lovely room at Basunti.

The amazing support of all the staff, the food and friendliness made my second yoga course a delight.

The group was enthusiastic and focused and they loved everything about the venue, food, staff and the yoga.

“You can leave Basunti but it won’t leave you!”

The theme of the course was based around our senses and the elements. What better place to explore them?

Basunti is like a small vibrant and colourful garden of exotic flowers. It is full of textures, patterns, plants, rocks, small ponds, waterfalls and fountains and fragrance.

The senses spring to life in India. But the sensuality of Basunti brings an extra richness.

I sit on my balcony, surrounded by these elemental and glorious textures and pick up the evening meal on the air. Warm and spicy. And another thread weaves its way into the vibrant cloth as the sounds of crickets, squabbling monkeys, birds of different tones, pitches and rhythms nudge their way into the scene. The peacocks have an insistent cry, the crows seem to be laughing at us and the Himalayan babblers join in when we chant. Huge black kites circle overhead as a mongoose cheekily pinches a fish from a pond.

The centre feels to be at the heart of an elemental hub. Radiating out from it are trees and jungle entanglements full of wild life. Beyond that is the lake that almost encircles us. It is fringed by meadows or sculptural rocky outcrops and striped boulders in hidden coves. Small fishing boats occasionally ripple the calm surface. And way beneath that deep clear and vast expanse of water lie villages, lanes, farms, shrines and temples and all the settlements that were cleared of people to make way for the dam.

Beyond the lake edge are the foothills. Large enough to impress and encircle the sphere of this landscape. But still there is another layer. The snow capped and huge Himalayan range teases as it hides or reveals a dark brooding silhouette until it exposes its sharp white-crested grandeur. The heart melts faster than the snow.

And all this surrounds me as I sit at the heart of the place, very aware of my own inner landscape that is influenced by and part of the elements outside of me.

It all feels like a giant cosmic mandala starting at the very core of me and radiating in layers to way beyond the edges of this hot and magical place.

15th April 2013

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