For David and Izzy

With many many thanks for making this special place possible, here are few acrostics to show how touched and appreciative we all are.

With love, from the yoga group (images by Steve).

Here are just a few of them –

Beauty surrounds at BasuntiAround Basunti, by Steve

As far as the eye can see

Stillness, stunning scenes and spectacular views

Uniquely visioned and lovingly made

Nature beckons and stirs me within

Treasure revealed, memory to hold

I leave inspired and restored.



Before our time

A valley carried soldiers and

Settlers, in cultural waves

Until the flood

Nature then reclaimed the high ground

Till only row boats travelled

In the rocky inlets of the lake.

Mary R.


Bring only your Self silently

Abiding in nature bountiful presence

Surrendering to the myriad sights, sounds and smells that bombard the senses

Unravelling your anxieties, letting this sacred place

Nurture you deep within


Instilling essential essence that is Basunti.




Atmosphere to

Study yoga

Understand ourselves

Nourish body and soul

Touch ancient soil.


Sheila B.


Best beetroot

As well as

Sensational surroundings

Unending care and attention

Nothing spared

Transforming tired travellers

Into lighter beings.

Sheila B.




Soil and stories

Under starlit sky


Treasure in a small corner of



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