Turmeric in the foreground, Arbi in the middle and Okra at the back.

Arbi, Turmeric,Okra

My favourite is the Arbi, you can eat the root, which looks like a knobbly potato, but I think it is rather tasteless. Its real glory is the leaves. You take the leaf and lay it flat then cover it with a paste made from chick pea flour, crushed ginger, garlic, chilli and fresh turmeric. This you continue to do until you have a pile of about ten leaves. These are then rolled up with the ends tucked in and tied with grass. It looks like a medium sized bread loaf which is then steamed or baked. Once cooked let it sit until cold, then slice it into one centimetre slices. Lightly fry the slices until they become crispy then serve with chapatti and a glass of Plain Lassi.
This is a traditional dish of the area and is called Bait – it is truly divine, a bit like eating leaf Filo pastry.

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