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We have decided to write this blog in order to give an insight into what happens in and around Basunti over the year. We hope you will find it useful and interesting.

Bar-headed Geese on Ranseer Island

Bar-headed Geese on nearby Ranseer Island

With our autumn season coming to a close, weather is stunningly beautiful, cool misty mornings turning into bright clear sunny days. Still swimming in the pool – refreshing, although the lake is still quit warm, being a huge body of water.

Fishing season is now over in Northern India, as with the first onset of cool nights the Mahseer, Sol and Singhara all go into deep water and semi hibernation.  Andy managed to hook a one and a half kilogram Sol on worm last week, but it was definitely the last of the season and we have had no luck since.

Migratory birds are starting to arrive in great numbers.  Huge V-shaped formations of Bar-headed Geese and Greater Cormorants are passing over Basunti in the mornings and evenings.  Many passage migrants are coming through, with the Blue Whistling Thrush taking up residence in the gardens for the winter season. Lovely being woken up by its distinctive calls.

Autumn Sunset

Basunti Autumn Sunset

We were rewarded with this wonderful sunset…

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