In 2017 and 2018 Basunti’s Yoga program continues to expand. We welcome Joyce McMiken & Marcos Rodriguez, who will be leading their first retreat here in October 2017 and Clare Kerrigan & Karen Heras-Kelly who will be joining us in March 2018.

They join returning teachers – Monica Voss, Sandra Sabatini & Michal Havkin, Duncan Hulin & Andrea Guest, Bridget Woods-Kramer, Sheila Baker, Amy Landry, Heather George, Helle Lumbye, Wendy Loughlan, Gill Mitchell, Su Sareen, Bristol Maryott, Lucy Roberts, Mandy Grant and Diane Donovan.

To find out more about the varied and different programs available, follow the links in the schedule below or email us via the Contact Page (or email us on

Basunti also continues to welcome inquiries from Yoga teachers who would like to hire Basunti for their own groups and yoga retreats.  If you are a teacher wishing to enquire about future availability, please e-mail us.

Yoga Schedule: Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018 (dates at Basunti)

Date Teacher Style More Info Contact
Autumn 2017        
September 30 - October 9 Bridget Woods-Kramer Anusara Yoga
October 11 - 18 (dates at Basunti) Sheila Baker 2 week Himalayan Adventure and retreat; Viniyoga, inspired by the teachings of TKV Desikachar.>
October 20 - 29 Joyce McMiken & Marcos Rodriguez Ashtanga Yoga Retreat incl 12 hours of philosophy with Arvind Pare
November 1 - 8 Bristol Maryott Private party    
November 11 - 20 Monica Voss Scaravelli Inspired Yoga>
Spring 2018        
March 14 - 22 Clare Kerrigan & Karen Heras-Kelly Mindful & dynamic Hatha, creative Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga
March 24 - April 7 Duncan Hulin & Andrea Guest Holistic yoga, kriyas, asana, pranayama, meditation
April 21 - 30 Bridget Woods-Kramer Anusara Yoga


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Bridget Woods Kramer

Bridget is Anusara’s UK representative and main certified Anusara teacher having studied with John Friend, the founder of the Anusara school of Yoga since 1994. She travels all over Europe giving Anusara immersion workshops, Teacher training’s, and in depth study courses. Anusara Yoga is a uniquely integrated approach to Hatha Yoga in which the art of the human spirit is powerfully blended with the science of bio-mechanics. Anusara means ‘Flowing with grace’ (going with the flow, following your heart).
Nominated for Business women of the year and a leading light in the fitness industry for more than two decades Bridget launched one of the UK’s leading fitness facilities and Health Spas, ‘The Fitness Centre’ as well as world renowned and ground breaking day spa, ‘The Sanctuary’ in Covent Garden.Bridget is known for her dynamic style of teaching with close attention to alignment detail. She is extremely dedicated to the many students of all abilities who attend her classes.
Bridget returns to Basunti every year to lead Anusara based 10 days retreats.
To read more about Bridget and her many activities around the world please see –

Sheila Baker

Sheila Baker has been studying and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She is a registered BWY and aYs senior teacher and trained as a Viniyoga teacher with TKV Desikachar in Chennai and UK, and with Paul Harvey in UK. She is currently studying with Peter Hersnack in France and UK.

Sheila is also a designer and has taught design undergraduates at several universities for many years, with special interest in colour and symbolism. Sheila’s retreats are theme-based and use postures, breath, chanting and imagination (bhavana) to deepen and focus in a meditative way.

In addition to regular retreats and classes in the UK, Sheila has facilitated retreats in Mysore, south India, during the last 12 years. For further information about Sheila and courses and other activities which she currently runs please click here.

Joyce McMiken, Marcos Rodriguez and Arvind Pare

Joyce McMiken and Marcos Rodriguez are KPJAYI authorized teachers and run a daily Ashtanga Mysore program in Covent Garden, London. They made their first trip to Mysore, India in 2008.  Since then they have returned annually to practice with their teacher Sharath Jois. In addition to running a daily Mysore class they teach classes in the leading yoga centers in London, teach private clients and offer retreats worldwide. When you meet them you will realise that they are passionate about sharing this system of yoga according to how it is taught in Mysore.  They have an interest in yoga that reaches way beyond the asana practice.  Together they encourage people to look beyond the external form of the practice.  Joyce is also an advanced R & R Restorative Yoga Teacher and is currently studying a Master’s Degree at SOAS in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation.  

Arvind Pare studied Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga-Sutras, and many Vedanta texts for 14 years while living in Arsha Vidya, Gurukulam in USA and India.  He is a student of Swami Daynanda Saraswati, foremost teacher of Vedanta in the world today. Arvind currently teaches in Mysore.



Monica Voss

Monica VossMonica Voss began her yoga studies in 1978 with Esther Myers, trained to teach with Esther, and has been teaching at the Studio since 1981. She came to yoga with a background in drama and movement and has degrees in English Literature and Education.Monica studied with Vanda Scaravelli from 1986-1998. Moving into the poses using the rhythm of the breath and the support of the ground resonates deeply for her and she continues to draw inspiration from Vanda’s and Esther’s teaching, from the natural world, from complementary modalities, from study, and from interaction and dialogue with students and colleagues. Monica has received additional tutelage from Mary Stewart in London, England, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, Edward Espe Brown, and has attended retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh.Monica has taught adults, children, families, special needs students, pre- and post-natal women and students with cancer, in classes and privately.Monica has been training teachers since 1986. In addition to teaching weekly classes in Toronto, she offers workshops, retreats and teacher training in Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica. She co-owns and directs Esther Myers Yoga Studio and its 750-hour Teacher Training Programme and 250-hour Graduate Teachers’ Programme with Tama Soble. For more info, see –

Sandra Sabatini

Sandra Sabatini, is one of the foremost teachers of the Scaravelli approach to Yoga. Sandra studied with the legendary Vanda Scaravelli, author of Awakening The Spine, for some 17 years and has been teaching internationally for some 20 years.

It is Vanda Scaravelli’s gift of yoga with its emphasis on breath, gravity and the spine that is at the heart of Sandra’s unique teaching style. Through its simplicity and subtlety it brings students to an inner stillness that enables a deep unwinding of the tensions that so often hold us back, both mentally and physically. Sandra, who is the author of two books, Breath: The Essence Of Yoga and Yoga Through The Seasons, has taught every year at Basunti since it opened in 2005. A recent account of her 2009 visit entitled “Surrounded by Beauty” was published in Yoga & Health magazine.

For more information about Sandra visit her website.

Duncan Hulin

Duncan Hulin, MRSS, IYC, YRT, is the principal teacher, founder and director of the Devon School of Yoga. He is a practising yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Shiatsu practitioner and is qualified in Ayurvedic Foot Pressure (Chavutti Thirumal) massage. Duncan healed himself of asthma using yoga therapy and has now been practising yoga for 40 years and teaching for the past 34 years. In the early eighties, he spent three consecutive winters in South India studying with the late Dr. B. P. Pillai, former director of the Government recognised Yoga Therapy Foundation, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Duncan brings a wealth of experience to his holistic yoga teaching and courses. He has worked with teenage students with learning difficulties and has led practical stress management programmes for staff in schools. He also teaches weekly classes, including for the MET Office. He is a founder member of The Independent Yoga Network and is the director of the Devon Yoga Festival.

Karen Heras Kelly CPCC PCC

Karen is certified professional co-active coach & healer and is known for her feminine empowerment and leadership work with women. She specialises in relationship coaching, body wisdom & leadership empowerment. Her business, A Tribe Called Woman was born out of a genuine need to nurture feminine leadership and well-being in today’s world. Through her work, Karen is responding to a need to create a purposeful movement for women who want to live life differently by creating heart felt bonds and working on their sense of belonging. Her work is committed to bringing back sacred time for women and creating a safe space for them to come home to themselves, to their hearts, and to their life’s calling. Karen is passionate about realising positive change in people; she brings a deep understanding of pressures and challenges facing women working in fast paced environments, and how to address them. Her work is dedicated to empowering women to be purposeful and collaborative, by guiding them to connect to their voices and the wisdom of their bodies. It’s about sisters doing it together.


Clare Kerrigan

Clare has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching it for 5 years. Her classes integrate a balance of mindful and dynamic Hatha yoga, Creative Vinyasa flow, Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra. This year Clare is widening her studies, specializing in Well Woman yoga therapy training. Clare has organised and run retreats in Europe and India over the past few years, and she is also a contact teacher and mentor for teacher trainees with Yogacampus. As well as the physical aspect of the practice, she has an interest in integrating yogic philosophy as she experiences, lives and breathes it. Clare ultimately encourages students to experience deeper stillness and through rich teachings and practice, find head and heart clarity.


Heather George

Heather GeorgeFollowing a career as a food technologist, Heather trained to be a Yoga teacher in India and later in the UK.  She is now a Yoga Alliance UK Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with diplomas in Hatha Yoga (500Hrs +), Yoga Therapy, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology, Life Coaching and Pilates.

Heather has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years and has developed a successful business in Yoga and health specializing in mindful Yoga, meditation and chakra journeys. Her background in nutrition, healing and Life Coaching has enabled her to develop an intuitive approach and awareness of both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of students.  This allows her to tailor their practice and take a holistic view of other lifestyle, diet or remedial action that may benefit them.

She provides classes in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Stress Management to Spas, health centres, schools plus corporate and private clients for all levels including for those needing a remedial or therapeutic approach.  She also runs workshops and retreats in the UK, France & India, is a contributor to Yoga and health magazines and has taught at the Yoga Shows in Olympia and at International Yoga Festivals in Egypt and Jordan.  Heather is actively encouraging the expansion of mindfulness mediation in schools.

Heather’s ethos is to make Yoga and Meditation fun and accessible to all. She encourages students to practice in a mindful way so they experience the most spiritual, emotional and physical benefits.

Heather has been running Create Space Retreats for over 10 years with her husband, Tony Davis who is a Mindfulness trainer, workshop leader in Yoga philosophy & history and walk leader.

Janet Balaskas

Janet BalaskasJanet Balaskas is internationally renowned for pioneering the concept of ‘Active Birth’ in the late 1970’s and since then, inspiring mothers around the world to take an ‘active’ rather than a ‘passive’ role in their birthing. Thousands of women, babies and families have have had their birth experiences – and their lives – enhanced by her guidance. Her body centred style of teaching has inspired a revolution in prenatal education and maternity care.

Janet works at the Active Birth Centre in London which she founded in the 1980’s. She also travels extensively across the world to teach professionals and train Active Birth teachers, most recently in Brazil where her work has had considerable impact. Her unstoppable drive to enable women to confidently follow their instincts, continues to fuel the global spread of Active Birth. She is the author of the best selling ‘New Active Birth’ and several other ground breaking publications.

Janet is the mother of four children, and has five grandchildren. It was through her research as a mother that she first understood that the natural processes of birth require a woman to be actively engaged with her body and upright. The essence of Janet’s message is simple and clear; the key to an easier, spontaneous birth is that the mother is undisturbed, able to move freely and instinctively during labour, and to be led by her body.

Amy Landry

Amy LandryAmy was awakened to yoga almost 9 years ago, beginning with a consistent, devoted practice of Hatha Vinyasa yoga. The practice aided not only in the long awaited recovery of numerous injuries, but it created the space for internal growth, mental purification, and was the catalyst to eliminating a lifelong battle with respiratory and immunity issues.

Her mission is to show women how to create deep-rooted change, by balancing their body’s intelligence and transforming their daily living. Ultimately, all of Amy’s work is about helping people reframe the way they structure both their yoga practice and everyday routine, to experience alignment with the principles of nature and their own bodily wisdom.

Amy would love to see more people immersed in all the layers of Yoga beyond asana, such as breath work, meditation, self-enquiry, meditation, mantra, and service. She believes we are drawn to yoga to actively begin the journey to heal ourselves, our mind, our spirit. Amy is devoted to sharing the ancient practices in a modern context, helping each soul to find their individual flow and fullest potential. You can connect with her, and grab your free Seasonal Survival Guides, right here:


Lucy Roberts

Lucy RobertsI started both Yoga and travels in Asia at age 21, with a desire to know more of the world, both inner and outer, than seemed possible from where I stood back then, in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.

Seventeen years later, these are still my primary interests and the unfolding that is Yoga my greatest passion and curiosity. And now life, in her generosity, let’s me share both with others.

Since 2001 I’ve been running retreats, leading workshops and classes, and working as part of the Yoga Arts team to prepare and present Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training Courses in Bali, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

My practice, and therefore teaching, seeks to nourish and enliven body, mind and heart in equal measure. For the body – both dynamic and restorative yoga asana in a fluid vinyasa style, and guided movement/dance meditations; for the mind – meditation, pranayama, mantra, and the philosophy that binds them all together; and for the heart – sweet music, kirtan, puja, community, and the aspiration to align my life and will as much as possible to that which feels like wisdom and love.

Gratitude beyond measure to all teachers, guides, and friends-upon-the-way, and to the timeless teachings of all the great wisdom traditions, particularly Hindu and Buddhist. Special mention must include Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Clive Sheridan, and beloved South Indian saint Sri Sakthi Amma who is slowly but surely teaching me what Love is.

Helle Lumbye

Helle LumbyeHelle has been teaching yoga in Denmark since 2009 in addition to working with body therapy and massage since 2003. She first encountered yoga on her travels to Nepal in 2002 and from then on yoga became a journey in itself. Helle completed two 200-hour teacher’s training courses in both Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga in addition to courses in alignment, yoga therapy and restorative yoga. Her training and experience inspire her teachings and she helps students with ‘letting go’, or just being themselves. Alignment is also part of the teachings. The atmosphere in Helle’s classes is light hearted and there is always room for everyone. “Yoga is my way of living life and a great source of inspiration, gratitude, challenge and letting go. I will always live life from the heart, spreading joy and self-love. I want to cultivate the will within us, the will to life, the will to go all the way, even when the light in the darkness can be hard to see. Let us do what we do best again and again, to the very core of ourselves.” Helle Lumbye.

Bristol Maryott

Bristol Maryott is the owner of Jala yoga studio in Providence, RI, USA. She is an Advanced-Certified Jivamukti and prenatal yoga instructor with over ten years of experience teaching yoga. She travels to India regularly where she practices with Saraswathi Jois in Mysore. Bristol’s practice and teaching is informed by the light and grace of her teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Bristol holds an MA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London UK and graduated from Yale with a BA in English. She has worked at Sotheby’s in London and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Bristol believes that art and yoga are complimentary disciplines exploring consciousness and she wanted to create a space where yoga practitioners could both inspire and be inspired by art.





Petra Pikkelova

Petra PikkelovaPetra is a certified Vinyasa yoga (South Boston Yoga) and Jivamukti Yoga (NYC) teacher.

Practicing yoga since 2001, Petra is known for her unique self expression (never forgets to smile); her classes are spiritual & inspirational where she connects the physical and mystical aspects of yoga.

She teaches a strong flow of Jivamukti Vinyasa (linking movement with breath) while playing spiritual and uplifting music. With the help of scripture, chanting, meditation, and intentional breathing – we begin to align the body, mind and spirit to create the inner journey towards healing and empowerment. Petra celebrates the yoga teachings in everyday life.

Expect clear direction, strong hands-on assistance  & great music in Petra’s classes. Gratitude for sitting at the feet of amazing teachers, fuels her passion for passing on this yoga practice, which is both hip and holy. Thank you Sharon Ji and David Ji for creating the Jivamukti method. Urban Yoga by Petra Pikkelova

Wendy Loughlan

Wendy LoughlanWendy holds a Sports Science and Environmental Science Degree MSc (hons), is a Yoga Alliance 500hr RYT yoga teacher and ultimate student of life. She has been practicing yoga for 14 years. Wendy is a visionary artisan who weaves Anusara yoga alignment, mythical, dynamic yoga flows, tantric philosophy, mudra, mantra, meditation, pranayama, soul quests, somatic movement and practices which embody consciousness through invoking the great elements of Mother Nature. She awakens shakti, wild hearts, treasured Souls and optimal energy channels of her dedicated students.

Wendy’s teachings convey yoga’s beautiful power with love, intelligence and commitment. She teaches with a deeply respectful knowledge of alignment and therapeutics to truly enhance students’ on their journey towards a stronger, flexible, more confident body; allowing each unique Soul to function according to their own optimal blueprint. Sessions are weaved with philosophical themes inviting you to live through the ears of your heart’ s desire and explore your own potent potential now. Guaranteed is fun, encouragement, serenity and a journey to a beautiful secluded place of transformation within your body, mind, heart and soul.

Su Sareen

‘Scaravelli-inspired’, Su teaches a gentle yet highly effective form of hatha yoga that develops attention, works closely with the breath and utilises gravity. It’s practice leaves you more focused, stronger and more relaxed. The emphasis is on encouraging the body to soften in acceptance rather than forcing it into uncomfortable positions.  We immerse ourselves in the inner experience and use a variety of visualisations to help us in the postures (many from my book). The workshops are appropriate for all levels from beginners to teachers.  Su Sareen has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for over 20. She is the author of “See how yoga feels” a book of visualisations to help the practice of yoga. She is also a regular columnist for Yoga and Health Magazine and writes for Spectrum – the British Wheel of Yoga magazine.

Gill Mitchell

Gill has been teaching yoga internationally for over 15 years.  She qualified with The British Wheel of Yoga, UK and Erich Shiffman, Los Angeles.  Gill has also studied with many yoga masters from a variety of schools of yoga; she is looking forward to sharing her experiences with you.   You will practice of an eclectic mix of moving and static meditations, pranayama, chanting, asanas, kundalini and yin yoga,  gaining the physical, mental and spiritual benefits yoga has to offer, whatever your level.   At the heart of asana practice lies vinyasa yoga flow, the emphasis on alighnment and breath.   Breath empowers the transition between postures and alignment creates a slow yet powerful dance in which our entire bodies become supreme mudras.  Mudras have powerful impact on our positive state of mind and well-being.     Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about the awareness and attention you pay to yourself whilst practicing.   Gills’ aims on her yoga holidays are to offer you personal expansion from yoga, peace when you want it, enjoyment and fun when you don’t.


Mandy Grant

Mandy Grant has been teaching yoga for the past 15 years. She founded Juluka Yoga Studio & School, in New Jersey in 2005. She came to yoga after many years of step aerobics, boot camps and various  “gym trends of the day”. “Yoga truly transformed me. Physically and mentally in the beginning & then after a while I felt the subtle spiritual changes.  My weight stabilized, I got more toned and stronger that I had ever been. Yoga calmed me down and continues to keep me grounded. It has given me the tools to navigate the challenges of life. I feel it is my dharma to share the gifts that yoga has to offer. “

Mandy ‘s yoga school is Yoga Alliance recognized, and she has  certified over 50 fabulous yoga teachers over the past 7 years. She teaches workshops in the United States and Africa and loves to host retreats in exotic lands.  She was a travel agent before she became a full time yoga teacher. “I believe that travel and yoga are a natural partnership, as they both transform the inner spiritual self through outward experiences.”

Mandy teaches hatha yoga with Vinyasa flow. She emphasizes the importance of alignment in asanas, so as to deliver the optimum benefits of this ancient system.  She also includes the vital limbs of pranayama and meditation in her teachings.